Kirby’s Dream Land 3

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Kirby’s Dream Land 3

Kirby's Dream Land 3 - The game's platforming mechanics are very similar to most other Kirby games, as is Kirby's skillset. Kirby is able to jump, duck, slide, fly (by inflating himself), as well as perform his signature move: inhaling enemies. When Kirby inhales an enemy, it can be spit back out as a projectile, or swallowed. Normally this has no effect on Kirby, although specific enemies grant Kirby copy abilities, a staple of the Kirby games. Copy abilities replace Kirby's standard inhaling move with a special attack, depending on the enemy Kirby ate. For example, swallowing a fire-based enemy allows Kirby to become a fireball. Zero is the game's secret and true final boss; defeating him is key in achieving the best ending. Zero takes the form of a giant eye with a red iris, and is responsible for leading the Dark Matter invasion of Dreamland. Zero is famous for being a rare example of graphic violence in a first-party Nintendo game – Zero fights Kirby by opening cuts on his sclera and shooting blood out of the cuts at him. When his health is drastically weakened, his iris rips out from the rest of his body, with blood flying everywhere as it does so. The ruined body, complete with a vicious gash to its front from where the eye burst out trails away, and the final phase of the fight begins, which involves Zero ramming Kirby to injure him. Although he is eventually defeated, Zero reappears in Kirby 64 as 'Zero Two', retaining his ability to spit blood and his motif as a giant eye. As a reference to his previous fight with Kirby, Zero Two wears two large plasters on the top of his 'head', covering the wound left from his iris bursting out of his body in the earlier fight. Play Kirby's Dream Land 3 online. Sneslive is the best place to play Super Nintendo games online. Enjoy our SNES games flash emulator and have fun! More info: Wikipedia

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